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Jon Yeo Executive Speaker Coach


There is a moment. A connection that is established, not just made –
between your intention and your target audience. This is no cliché.
There is a science and an art. Delivering your message is a competency
that can be developed. There is an intelligent way. It works.

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Do you ignite your audience into action?

“If you can’t communicate and talk to people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your can improve your value by 50 percent by just learning communication skills - public speaking”
Warren Buffett

Our Founder, Jon Yeo, is an experienced speaker, certified virtual speaker, coach and trainer. He works with you to meet the individual and organisational needs one on one and in groups.

Business Meeting

Ignite others with confidence

If you are developing a new talk, learn how to quickly build empathy, trust and rapport

Inspiring High Performing Teams

Workshops and training for Sales and Leadership teams taking the business to the next level

Are you ready with your
message or talk?

If you have a talk in mind, let's review if it fits you brand, positions your thought leadership and do an
impact analysis

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Certified Virtual Speaker

Working with your
virtual or hybrid event

Our Founder is certified to give you high quality presentations and training.

Virtual Coach and Trainer

Speaking and Influencing
for your remote teams

We can train your teams to influence and engage no matter where they are.

Influencing in Online Meetings

Skills and Tips for Online
Meetings and Events

We show you how to quickly build trust, rapport and influence virtually

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