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The moment

There is a moment. A connection that is established, not just made – between your intention and what your target audience will take away. This is no cliché. There is a science and an art. Delivering your message is a competency that can be developed. There is an intelligent way. It works. 

As a listener, can you remember moments when you feel you have received a message you will remember forever? When you have just had an exchange that was a visceral experience? Where someone touched your heart and your mind? Where your engagement was beyond words?

What actually happened between the listener and the speaker - when you were an audience member or when you were the speaker? Can that mode of exchange be replicated? What is that science to make that happen? 

When you drop into that moment of exchange, words don't matter. A connection is made that transcends the message itself. It at once illumines and communicates the message as a connected experience.

As a speaker, when you momentarily drop into that experience, a kind of silence – where there is no extraneous thought-noise, only a common union of engagement, and you are so close to your listener that you are almost at one with the message as speaker, words don't matter.

When you are listening to somebody, who is doing the listening? Are you a human being totally absorbed by what the speaker is saying or is there another dimension of you who is actually observing the engagement between you as the listener and the speaker? 

How does one, as a speaker, engage the listener so completely that both the speaker and listener become moved by the experience in order to go forward to create something new based on what they have just engaged upon?

Imagine a new leader of an organization. He or she has to at once communicate their role and inspire the team. Whether it is to follow a new mission, embrace change, or deal with the current reality of challenges. Imagine trying to communicate a break-through thinking of strategy. Imagine asking the team to give even more when they may feel resources are stretched. 

This is what it is to be connected, engaged, even consumed by the experience. Where meaning is amplified, and trust is absolute. Where time disappears, and ideas naturally flow. Welcome to the world of human connection. A quality everyone desires but rarely experiences in this fast paced, KPI driven world. 

It is often said that in this Flow state creativity and connection come naturally and with ease. Ideas and connections coalesce into something bigger than the individuals that create it. Connection is definite and confidence flows  

Let's tap into a domain of real leadership and engagement. Let’s fill our world with deep connection and earned loyalty. Let's co-create a new reality by tapping the natural resource of human potential.


And let’s make sure authenticity is a given. Because in this paradigm of communication, lack of authenticity is transparent to your audience. Human beings can forgive speech errors and vocabulary and syntax slips. There is less tolerance for faking in the message delivery.

 Speakers need to be aware of their audience. Speakers need to inspire their audience in order that both may be in tune with each other.

When you speak to engage, imagine you have mastery of communication to your pupil. As soon as you are in that space, flip it and become the pupil. Imagine now, that you are drawing out of your audience the very message you want to share with them. Repeat the very message you want to share with them 

  • Would your conversation drive deeper commitment or move forward a relationship? 

  • Are you clear on your communication outcomes? 

When was the last time you considered the deeper impact your communication has on your listener? 

These are all considerations for effective engagement. They build trust, rapport and credibility. They also empower the listener to make significant progression in their endeavours and clarify their place in the conversation and the situation you are both in. 

When intellect and meaning converge, a platform for growth, expansion, is established and allows individuals, then groups to form closer and more strategic bonds. The web of support enables larger goals and objectives to be achieved. This is the pinnacle of high performance. 

Our belief in ourselves and the ability to achieve includes the mastery of self-talk. Without it we can never extend our influence on others in an effective way. Leadership is the mastery of internal and external communication in such a way that unifies the head and heart of those we lead. Confidence and clarity can never come from an unclear mind or an unclear communication. Effective outcomes can only come from clear communication. 

And let’s not forget the magic between the words. This ‘space’ helps define context without the pull of words. This space helps shape a story and give it direction, and builds meaning and trust. 

When you connect, without words, a new space is opened for relationship, understanding and knowing. When you can build a meaningful connection by evoking emotions with empathy and insight, others are more open to deeper conversation. 

By consciously building the magic between the words we deliberately navigate the complexity of connection and eliminate the limitations of language. We go to the heart of our message and it's true meaning. 

The Team


Jon Yeo

Founder and Lead Coach

Jon is a highly sought after speaker coach and trainer. For over 10 years he's worked with global brands and enthusiastic start ups alike to achieve their speaking and communication aspirations. He helps corporate  leaders and professionals to better craft their messages for both internal and external audiences.

He is a also certified virtual presenter and trainer working with remote teams all over the world.

Jon is the Licensee and Curator of TEDxMelbourne and past Chapter President of Professional Speakers Australia.

Clients include SAP, Princess Cruises, Auspost, Mercer, Toyota, MYOB, NAB, University of Melbourne, Dept of Human Services, Korowa Anglican Girls School, Girls in Tech.

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